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  • Global directions, works in every country
  • Supports ferry travel
  • Trips are private by default
  • Calculate in miles or kilometres
  • Update plans wherever you are
  • Never run out of time again on a trip

1. Plan

Wish all your road trips were in one place? Now they can be.

  • Copy famous road trips to your account
  • Add any Google Maps location to your trip
  • Click to create new map locations
  • Add up to 200 stops per trip
  • Recommended campsitesComing soon
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WilderTrips itinerary

2. Optimise

Never run out of time and never miss a stop.

  • Organise your stops into days
  • Calculate driving distances
  • Calculate driving times
  • Calculate trip costs
  • Download trips as PDFs

3. Share

Best trip ever? Share your experience!

  • Share via direct link or social media
  • Embed trips on your website
  • Upload your own photos
  • Add notes and share your advice
  • Trip and stop reviewsComing soon
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Rated 4.9/5 based on 42 reviews

Dan Collins

Dan Collins

a month ago

An amazing application, that lets you take your average mapping experience to the next level. I’ve already used it to plan 3 weeks of summer road trips and intend to use it a lot more. Harry the developer is very hands on and responsive to emails and is always open to any feature requests I have on...

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Sarah R

Sarah R

a month ago

Wilder Trips is a road trip planning platform with a bright future. The developers are working to make this a useful and intuitive route planning site, with the features that the people want! I love that I can see the distance and time between stops on my route, even though the roads are currently c...

Posted onGoogle
Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

4 months ago

Fantastic website to both preplan and update your trip as you go. Easy to add stops, change the order, add brief notes of what you've seen and even a photo. Also great to share with others so that they can see your progress as you go, even if they don't have an account. If you ever have any issues...

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Cathie Jasper

Cathie Jasper

3 months ago

I have found Wilder Trips invaluable in planning 2 road trips with our motorhome, one to Belguim/ Holland and one to Northern Spain. I like the interface and ease of use, planning a trip and seeing distances etc is so easy and the visual map is such a boon. The pin drop is also helpful for indicatin...

Posted onGoogle
David Griffith

David Griffith

4 months ago

I use to plan all my Motorhome and Motorcycle trips, producing an itinerary for both. It's great that Wilder Trips will do it for me, the support has been there when I have reached out. I am looking forward to using the software as it develops.

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Mountain view from campervan backdoor

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